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We are passionate about pets.

We have them, we love them, and we make the same quality pet beds for your pets that we do for our own.

From our experience manufacturing other textile products, we know all about fabrics and filling. We use that expertise, along with the love we have for our own little four-legged family members, to engineer durable, long lasting, easy to clean, and most of all, super comfortable pet beds.

And we make them in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, made to fit in a corner, along the wall, or where our own princesses and princes like to be, in the middle of the room. And, we only have one standard for quality for our pet beds, and that is the highest in the industry.

We value every customer and deliver highly personal, extremely attentive service every time.

Our products are durable and long-lasting. You can wash them, and many of our cushions last from five to 15 years, depending on the application.

We are authorized resellers for all the fabric brands we offer, including Sunbrella®, Tempotest®, Charlotte Fabrics, Outdura®, Paddy O’ Furniture®, and Robert Allen®. Come rely on our expertise to help select the best fabrics for your solution.