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Buttercup Outdoor Sofa Cushions – Frame Not Included

Elegant Sofa Cushion Set: Resilient and Customizable Outdoor Luxury Discover unparalleled comfort and durability with our Sofa cushion set, perfect for any outdoor setting. Crafted with premium solution-dyed acrylic fabric and a robust closed-cell foam encased in Dacron, these cushions resist fading, mold, and mildew. Ideal for sunny, humid, or poolside environments, they offer a blend of luxury and practicality. Plus, explore our customization options for fabric and filling variations to tailor your outdoor experience perfectly.

Seats: 3

Backs: 3

Dimensions: 75 x 26.25 x 6

Back Dimensions: 78 x 26 x 5

Fabrics: Paddy O' Furniture: Bliss - Buttercup

Seat Filling: standard/medium

Back Filling: polyfiber/standard

Style: Bullnose

Ties: None

Regular Price: $2,160.00

Sale Price: $1,197.00


Product Description

Luxury Outdoor Sofa Cushion Set: Premium Comfort and Durability

Introducing our exquisite outdoor cushion set, specifically tailored for Sofas. This ensemble, comprising 3 seats and 3 back cushions, is constructed with the finest outdoor fabrics and materials. The package includes both the stylish outer slip cover and the inner filling, ensuring both elegance and comfort.

The interior is filled with a standard indoor/outdoor closed-cell foam, wrapped in Dacron padding. This unique composition not only creates a fuller, more luxurious appearance uncommon in standard cushions but also boasts longevity. The foam is antimicrobial, mold-resistant, and performs exceptionally well in various settings, including humid, rainy, or poolside areas.

Our cushions are covered in 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, recognized as the pinnacle for outdoor use, particularly in high sun exposure areas. Having undergone rigorous testing in the intense Arizona sun, these fabrics showcase unparalleled resistance to fading. The innovative solution-dyeing technique embeds color into the fibers before they are woven, ensuring thorough and enduring coloration.

The cushions deliver multiple advantages:
Color Longevity: Color infused into the fibers, resisting fading from sunlight.
Stain Resistance: The tight weave and unique fabric composition facilitate easy cleaning.
Mildew and Mold Resistance: Inherent resistance to moisture-related fungi.
Durability: Renowned for their strength and lastingness.
Water Repellency: Balances water resistance with breathability.
Eco-friendly: The dyeing process is more sustainable, using less water and producing fewer emissions.

This set of cushions has 3 seats and 3 back cushions, with the following dimensions:
Back Cushions
–  Total width of all backs:  78″  (26″ each)
–  Back Height:  26″
–  Back Thickness:  5″
(back cushions are slightly wider than seat cushions for optimum comfort)

Seat Cushions
–  Total width of all seats:  75″   (25″ each)
–  Seat Depth:  26.25″
–  Seat Thickness:  6″

In addition to this premium pre-designed product, we offer a range of customization options. Customers can select from various fabrics and fillings, including high-quality acrylic and polyester fabrics, vinyl for enhanced moisture resistance, and breathable materials to prevent dampness. Our High Resilient (HR) foam and optional Dryfast foam options are available for those seeking extra moisture repellency. Each cushion is crafted to minimize seams and incorporate vented designs for improved air circulation. Maintenance recommendations are provided to further extend the life of your cushions.



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