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by Arizona Custom Cushions | November 15, 2020 | No Comments

Nowadays, people are thriving to find information about real tips or inspiration, how to add something valuable, something interesting, unique and funny to their home interiors or exteriors, because all of us want to have a warm and cozy home, right?

As a owner of CushionEmpire I look for new ideas, tips and kudos for our own clients all the time, and today I found a couple of articles highlighting simple, but powerful insights for interior solutions.

The first article is written by Jennifer Tyler, https://twitter.com/thestripedhouse , DIY interior blogger, www.TheStrippedHouse.com, and titled “Spring Home Tour” (http://bit.ly/2r2vpX1), where she shared the tips about adding accessories, like a vase, small craft, or even a bunch of plastic berries. But the main thing is all these small things are in yellow palette. She brought a thought through the post, that yellow color will help you to have your own sunny days, sunny mood, even within a gloomy weather or middle-seasonal raining.

The second article, titled “Inside the colorful home of Pop & Scott’s founders” (http://bit.ly/2FrV2Vk) by Victoria Smith (https://twitter.com/sfgirlbybay), a blogger, photo stylist, and author of See San Francisco, www.sfgirlbybay.com, who attended a furniture manufacturers couple house, and was surprised, how their mid-century modern interior meets colorful bohemian vibe within the dance of colors and playful motifs.

Drawing on these two articles and our own 7-year experience, serving our valuable clients at CushionEmpire.com, to maintain healthy and cozy environment of your home we’d recommend you to have:

1. Light Interior – Keep your interior bright and pleased for your own eyes. Light, calm and bright colors will lift your mood and allow to get positive perception of the environment.
2. Warm Colors – Fill your home with furniture and accessories in warm, natural colors, which will release your stress and calm you down
3. Green Plants – Keep the green plants at home, especially live decorative plants: green color will play a great game with your heart, and plants will fill your home with oxygen.

Starting this evening, just being at home try to take a look at your furniture, walls and ceiling as an interior designer – what would you change, or decorate, or just move something to have friendly and cozy home? And don’t forget to add colorful spots for the great mood!

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